Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Do you ever feel like the projects you make just can’t succeed?

Do you ever feel like other people have it a lot easier and things just come to them?

There are so many people that struggle with confidence and in my opinion the very best way to get over those blocks is to just set you will to MAKE SOMETHING. So that’s what we’re here to do, every week we’ll have a new craft project for you to just DIY and get over your insecurities. We’ll post our successes, we’ll post our ideas, and OF COURSE we’ll post our failures!

I’m Randall and I’m a bit of an anomaly in the Cricut community: I’m a man! My wife got me into this when she needed some help with her Cricut Expression and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I know what it’s like to have a tough go at things and I’m here to let you know this this is a safe space for you to experiment in, to try your best, and to ultimately succeed alongside me.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure!